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Get Into A Good Health Groove

By Amy Reaves, JSU Social Work Intern

When it comes to our health who does not want to feel groovy? Health is something we sometimes take for granted. However, in the United States our health is deteriorating and for the first time in our nation’s history, children might not outlive their parents. This is an issue we need to pay attention to and educate everyone on so their health can improve.

Starting as early as the age of 35 for some and 40 for others, our bodies begin aging. Organs such as the brain, lungs, liver, heart, and kidneys began a slow decline. Most of the time, we do not recognize these issues until the age of 45 and for some even 50. So it is not that you get to 50 and begin to fall apart. Your body has been doing so for many years and you just now recognize it. Is that delightful or what?

Consuming too much sugar is something 90% of all Americans do which leads to diabetes. Diabetes is a major cause for concern for our society, since young children and even infants are now being seen with diabetes which was unheard of for many decades. In the past, we generally saw children with Type 1 diabetes and adults with Type 2, although we have seen this major shift with children now getting Type 2 diabetes. This is because we have become a nation of quick fixes for food with drive throughs or because the clean food, we should be consuming is highly expensive, and many Americans can simply not afford to purchase these food items.

The way your body is treated through diet and lifestyle, will determine when you will specifically start to age. Having an active lifestyle with a well-balanced diet can reduce the signs of aging. Also, the sleep and amount of toxins you put in your body will have an effect positively or negatively as well. Toxins like alcohol, drugs, stress, and the environment will have an impact on your health as well.

So, start with small steps with your eating plan which will lead to a big victory in the long run. Remember your health is something you take care of daily, not for a few weeks, and then return to your old eating patterns. This begin a series of yo-yo dieting which is not healthy.

Consider some of the following bullet points to get started on a healthier journey for you and your family.

· Shop the perimeter of your grocery store

· Do not eat processed foods

· Be sure to turn the package over and read the ingredients on the label (many forms of sugar have different names) Follow this link here for more information

· Fats in the form of butter, MCT oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are heart healthy

· Trans-fats are not healthy such as hydrogenated oils or fats (again read labels)

· Start with baby steps and do what you can. When you get better with those changes, then make additional ones.

· Exercise in whatever way you choose is great, but not so much for fat-loss as it is for a stronger heart, creating stronger muscles, and a healthier brain.

Remember your health and your children’s health is in your hands, now do you not want to have that groovy healthy feeling?


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