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Our Mission Statement

The  Mission of The Council on Aging is:
To Enhance the quality of life of aging persons living in Etowah County.

The Vision of the Council on Aging is to make sure that all senior citizens (age 55+) living in Etowah County are educated & informed, safe & healthy in mind, body and soul.” 

The Council on Aging Values are:  Compassionate - Caring - Committed to our Clients - Responsive and Involved.


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  2. I don't know why, but, here goes. Medicaid office suggested I contact you. I am a year shy of your standard . I have meningioma, a rare non cancerous brain tumor. The neurologist has made the call to the surgeons, I have a disability case pending, and I have put in with UAB Charity. Medicaid felt you could help make up what they don't cover. I suppose my room mate can take the working phone with him, I know now why you did not return my call. Stay blessed, I blog too. My brain shots are here on google.

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