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How to file a grievance

The Council on Aging of Etowah County, Inc.

Grievance Policy

The Board of Directors of The Council on Aging of Etowah County, Inc. has adopted this statement in order to set out the policies of the corporation.  The corporations is referred to COA throughout the remainder of this statement.

COA Staff, Board Members and Volunteers working together to support the operations,  programs and services of COA and in so doing are engaged with the members of the public who are participants in COA programs and services.  Personal problems or differences may arise among COA Staff, Board Members and Volunteers, or with program participants.

COA Staff, Board Members and Volunteers

Concerns among COA Staff, Board Members and Volunteers are normally resolved informally through an early and frank discussion with Executive Director.  If the grievance cannot be satisfied by personal discussion with the Executive Director, the complainant may file a written grievance with the Executive Director who will take it to the Executive Board of Directors.  The COA Executive Board will determine the method it will use to resolve the grievance and will make every effort to do so in a timely manner.

If the grievance involves a member of the Executive Board, the full Board of Directors will handle the matter.  If the matter at hand cannot be handled by the full Board, The Director of United Way will act as a third party mediator.

COA Staff, Board of Directors and Volunteers receive a copy of the Grievance Policy to read when beginning their employment or participation with COA.  Staff, Board of Directors and Volunteers sign the policy to acknowledge awareness of the policy and a copy is retained in the COA Records.


Concerns from program participants are addressed by the COA Executive Director, which he or she will make every effort to resolve the issue in an appropriate and timely manner.  Program participants have the opportunity to present concerns at the time of participating in a COA program or during the survey presented at the end of the program in which they participated in.  The grievance policy is available for review upon request at the COA Office’s located at 623 Broad St, Gadsden, AL or 100 Campbell Court, Gadsden, AL.

This Document was approved by the COA Board of Directors on July 15, 2015


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